Our partners

Expertise France operates on its own or as part of a consortium with public or private French, European gold international operators, and particularly with the members of the Alliance of French public operators and the main European cooperation agencies. It offers the expertise of French jurisdictions as well as public and semi-public bodies to develop and implement technical cooperation projects in fields where there is a demand for French expertise.

It is part of the “Team France” together with the AFD and Business France (both with which partnership agreements have been signed in 2015).

Finally, expertise, France is a member of several European gold international platforms such as EUNIDA, the Practitioners’ Network, the European Esther gold Alliance Social Health Protection Network P4H.

Intervention modalities

In the framework of the strategic guidelines defined by the State, Expertise France contributes to the promotion of the French public technical assistance and the International Expertise abroad. To achieve this, Expertise France establishes framework agreements with departments and agencies affected by the provision or the secondment of public experts.

To carry out the projects of cooperation in which Expertise France has the responsibility, expertise France intervenes at the time:

1. In the implementation of the funds, that they be bilateral or multilateral, with:

    • medium or long term Technical assistance projects the with partner countries requiring the project engineering, the mobilization of expertise;
    • the mobilization and management of individual technical assistance

2. In the management of funds, either to indirect management for the European Commission or the European Development Fund, or delegated management of bilateral funds or multi-donors.

Our relations with donors

Each donor has its own financial tools (calls for tenders, indirect management, Twinning, call for proposals, subsidy, etc.) which Expertise France has the capacity to use. With the same lessor of funds and by having recourse to the same financial instrument, Expertise France may be in charge of the control of work or the project management, depending on the nature of the project.

Expertise France intervenes in close consultation with all operators, be they public or private. Expertise France can thus intervene as networker for the mounting and the management of contracts involving public and private entities, and mixing technical assistance, training, allocation of subsidies, equipment, infrastructure, etc.