Our activity sectors

Our core activities: engineering and implementing projects for technical cooperation.

In order to contribute to the capacity building of partner countries, the agency designs, develops and implements, in close collaboration with these countries, projects and programmes for development cooperation.

Expertise France operates at every level of the project cycle: identification and definition of needs, definition of methodology, identification and mobilization of experts and partners, implementation as well as monitoring and evaluation of the project.

The agency implements cooperation projects either directly or via experts, consultancies or NGOs.

The agency also develops integrated offers, gathering various skills so as to meet, by mutual agreement, the needs of a partner country. This activity mobilizes public expertise as well as private know-how.


International symposium “Cooperation for addressing climate change challenges”

On 24 March 2015, the 6th edition of the symposium in its series “Shared perspectives of administrations” was held in Paris. It was entitled “Cooperation for addressing climate change challenges”.

This event is a key opportunity to exchange views and share experiences with partner administrations, international donors and the various participants in technical assistance. It also spurs discussion on cooperation projects and puts the spotlight on the programmes carried out with foreign governments.


In the framework of capacity building in the field of Health Insurance, the Leem in partnership with Expertise France, in coordination with VSS (Vietnam Social Security) organized on 15 March 2016 a seminar of exchange of practices between the French and the Vietnamese actors of Health Insurance.

Our Fields of expertise

Expertise France implements good governance projects including democratic process, rule of law, migrations, support to the media and State reform.

2015 saw the launch of the Morocco-European Union twinning project in support of the National Human Rights Council in Morocco and the development of regional initiatives on migration.

As regards public finance, in Egypt as well as Guinea, our new projects contribute to mobilizing tax revenue, to promoting transparency in public management and to the budget and accounting reforms of partner countries.

The agency also supports the establishment of a framework conducive to economic development (statistics, regulations, digital economy and support to SMEs).

Since May 2015, we have been contributing to Myanmar’s regional and global trade integration with the “Support to Trade Development” project.

Expertise France supports emerging sustainable development strategies in Africa and in the Mediterranean region. In 2015, the agency helped 26 African countries and Small Island Developing States to draft their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions for addressing climate change at the COP21, by presenting objectives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strategies to meet climate change.

Expertise France meets issues related to industrial pollution and local development, as with the European project for reinforcing environmental governance in the Gulf of Gabes in Tunisia.

As regards the sustainability of cities, our initiatives in the Mediterranean region and in Asia meet the growing need of cities and local authorities for structuring issues relating to governance, urban growth, mobility, climate and energy.

Expertise France is highly involved in the reinforcement of health systems and in the fight against pandemic diseases (5% Initiative and OPP-ERA/Unitaid Project). In 2015, the agency took action against the Ebola epidemic with four projects, including the PREPARE project in Guinea.

Our action is extending to new fields: maternal and child health, transplants, taking care of addictions…

Expertise France is also giving support to the development of social protection systems.

In 2015, the agency contributed for instance to implementing a European project for supporting social protection reform in China.

In the field of employment policies and those on the integration of young people into the labour market, Expertise France is developing regional and national initiatives, in Tunisia and Côte d’Ivoire in particular.

Expertise France has developed recognized expertise as regards stabilizing regions in a state of crisis or post-crisis. The agency gives support to States in transition as well as direct support to populations, particularly in the countries of the Sahel region, Northern Africa and the Middle East. A European support project has been implemented in aid of the Syrian population in particular.

As regards security, the agency works towards fighting against transregional threats and protecting critical infrastructure (services and equipment necessary for a society to function properly). Expertise France is also conducting projects to prevent chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) risks, to monitor the export of dual use goods and to build the capacity of civil protection services.

Our action is also deployed in the area covered by the ASEAN, through a European project to support a regional crisis centre in Myanmar.