Expertise France in Asia

Expertise France, supported by its Regional Office based in Hanoi, acts in the framework of public orders financed by bilateral French aid or on international calls for tenders. This Regional Office is the pivot and the facilitator of the bilateral and multilateral cooperation of Expertise France in Asia.

Formerly referred to as “Asian Antenna of the GIP Adetef”, the Regional Office had been positioned in Viet Nam since 1993 as an operator of French bilateral cooperation in the field of administrative reforms, financial and environmental policies, and since 2003 (via GIP-Esther) in Health (HIV/AIDS Program). However, since 2013, the Regional Office has diversified its activities, with a particular emphasis toward multilateral actions.

The Regional Office of expertise France has 3 main missions:

  • Linking mission:

  • It plays a role of liaison and interface between the Headquarter and the multilateral/bilateral donors, the clients, the French diplomacy, corporations and international and local companies.

  • Co-development and co-management mission:

  • It acts as the local partner of the headquarter to facilitate the development and implementation of contracts controlled by the thematic departments in Paris, using in particular its legal recognition.

  • Development and autonomous execution mission:

  • It acts as an autonomous Business Unit for Expertise France with a Local Capacity for commitment and implementation.

    The Regional Office has developed and maintained close links with all funders (Asian Development Bank, World Bank, European Union, AFD, JICA, SECO, KFW/GIZ, …) operating in Southeast Asia, particularly in Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.